Privacy Policy Statement

Last updated: February 2017

This Privacy Statement outlines our information gathering and dissemination practices for our website. By using this site, you consent to the data practices described in this statement.

Data Security – Your Personal and Company Information

Intedex Digital Expert takes data security and privacy very seriously. Intedex Digital Expert respects the privacy of every individual and organisation that visits our website(s) or responds to an online invitation, submits a contact form or engages with us in any other way.

Information Collection

In order to personalise your web experience, we may at times require information from you. By using this site, you consent to us doing this.

Personal Information

Intedex Digital Expert from time to time may require personal information (e.g. Name, Company, e-mail address) from you whether you visit our site as a visitor or registered customer. Intedex Digital Expert will endeavour to not use personally identifiable information outside of the context in which it was provided unless otherwise approved by you at time of submission.

Business Related Information

Intedex Digital Expert may require business related information (e.g. business issues, company information) from you whether you visit our site(s) as a visitor or registered customer. This information will be used by Intedex Digital Expert to propose business services based on your requirements. Intedex Digital Expert will endeavour to not use this confidential information outside of the context in which it was provided unless otherwise approved by you at time of submission.

Website Cookies

Cookies are pieces of information placed on your hard drive after you visit web sites. Intedex Digital Expert use these as part of your user experience of our website. Your browser manages the cookie. To ensure we are publishing content you need and want, Intedex Digital Expert uses cookies to distinguish between types of visitors and to serve ads based on prior visits to the site. When you visit the site, a cookie is placed on your machine (if you accept cookies) or is read if you’ve visited the site previously. You can make the choice of whether to accept a cookie or not with your browser settings. Please see your browser instructions for other guidelines on cookie use. Cookies may or may not contain personally identifiable information.

How Do We Use These Cookies?

Intedex Digital Expert actively use cookies to record how our visitors use and browse around our website ( This helps us determine popular and unpopular pages and lets us know where we need to improve our product and service offering.

In order to achieve this we use the popular Google Analytics system which shows us what our most popular sections are, what our users type into Google in order to find us and how effective our marketing campaigns are.

What Do These Cookies Used By Intedex Digital Expert Look Like?

If you check your web browser settings for the cookies our website uses, you should see the following:


Why We Use It


Google Analytics

Track anonymous visits to our website to help understand how people access, use and interact with our site.



Identifies generated text and dates


Information Access and Security

Intedex Digital Expert only shares confidential information with its business partners and only in the context for which it was provided. If you have submitted confidential information to this website, and would like that information deleted from our records, please contact Intedex Digital Expert via our Contact Us links. We will use reasonable efforts to delete this information from our files.

Links to Other Sites

In some areas,  includes links to other websites. Note that we do not review the privacy practices of those sites, or guarantee the privacy of information you enter outside of


Terms of Website Use

For more information about our Terms of Website Use, please visit